Short Bio

Nihad Hasanović was born in 1974 in Bihać, Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. He studied French language and literature at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Sarajevo. He has published the plays Podigni visoko baklju (“Raise High the Torch”) (1996) and Zaista? (“Really?”) (2000), a collection of short prose Kad su narodi nestali (“When Peoples Disappeared”) (2003), and novels O roštilju i raznim smetnjama (“On Barbecue and Sundry Disorders”) (2008), Čovjek iz podruma (“The Basement Man”) (2013) and Laki pogon (“Light Drive”) (2016). He has also published poems, stories, essays, and translations (mostly from French and Spanish, but also from English) in literary magazines, both printed and online. He has translated into Bosnian Kenizé Mourad’s novel Le jardin de Badalpour (A Garden in Badalpur) (2001), E. M. Cioran’s diary titled Cahier de Talamanca (Notebook from Talamanca) (2001), Jean Baudrillard’s L’esprit du terrorisme (The Spirit of Terrorism) (2002), as well as Roberto Bolaño’s Una novelita lumpen (A Little Lumpen Novelita) (2021). He lives in Sarajevo and writes articles for the web portal Nomad.


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